YouWah EcoFriendly Women’s Olive green/Maroon Jute Bag,Lunch Bag,Shopping Bag,Multipurpose

YouWah EcoFriendly Women’s Olive green/Maroon Jute Bag,Lunch Bag,Shopping Bag,Multipurpose


  • Utility: A multipurpose bag which can be used both as a shopping bag and lunch bag.
  • Product Dimension : 27.0cm * 30.0cm * 15.5cm
  • Product Weight :220 gm
  • Closure Type : Zip Closure
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YouWah™’s eco-friendly multipurpose jute bag is the ideal way for you to carry all your daily essentials in style and comfort. Beautifully and aesthetically designed, this jute bag features a striking color combination of black and golden which makes it very attractive and fashionable. It has a great carrying capacity that offers you a large storage space to carry your things with comfort and ease. Made of jute, there is no other better bag for an environmentally-conscious consumer.

Specification :

Fabric : Jute
Color :  Black
Dimension : 27.0cm * 30.0cm * 15.5cm
Weight : 220 gm

Eco-friendly: Made of jute, YouWah’s jute bag is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. It is an ideal pick for those consumers who are aware towards preserving the environment and are willing to take every inititaive to protect the nature from harmful chemicals

Highly spacious: This jute bag comes with a large storage space which allows you to carry a number of items that you need from time to time, with simplicity. The huge capacity of the bag enables you to place all your essential items in it in an organized manner without having them falling out.

Multi purpose: This just bag crafted by YouWah can be used for multiple purposes.You can carry your lunch in it to your workplace or you can carry your books in it to school.You can also use it for shopping or you could just simply use it as a storage bag.

A great substitute over plastic bags: This jute bag is quite hard wearing and can be again and again,negating the need to carry a plastic carrier bag whhs not environment-friendly and non biodegradable.

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