About Us

How We Began

If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere. Nature is one of the Most beautiful and divine Creation of God. The presence of God can be felt in the nature. So it is the duty of human beings to protect the nature. There is a lot of change in the attitude of human towards nature. Time has changed from where nature was considered to be a boon. Nowadays nature is only considered as a substance for abuse. Greed is the major reason for this. Under this circumstance WE Mom’s eco products has rised to the situation and decided to spread the message of Nature Love. As stated prior Mom’s eco started with that same belief, from a greenish town situated in the western ghats mountain range in kerala called Munnar. Being one of the most sought after destinations in India, thousands of travel fanatics across the globe visit this nature friendly destination in every season. They arrive unwind, and throw some plastics and leave. So Mom’s eco products is started with the motive of “Standing With the nature”